Open Controls

DrivenControlA piecewise-constant driven control for a single qubit.
DynamicDecouplingSequenceCreates a dynamic decoupling sequence.
convert_dds_to_driven_controlCreates a Driven Control based on the supplied DDS and other relevant information.
new_bb1_controlCreates a BB1 (Wimperis) driven control.
new_corpse_controlCreates a compensating for off-resonance with a pulse sequence (CORPSE) driven control.
new_corpse_in_bb1_controlCreates a CORPSE concatenated within BB1 (CORPSE in BB1) driven control.
new_corpse_in_scrofulous_controlCreates a CORPSE concatenated within SCROFULOUS (CORPSE in SCROFULOUS) driven control.
new_corpse_in_sk1_controlCreates a CORPSE concatenated within SK1 (CORPSE in SK1) driven control.
new_gaussian_controlGenerates a Gaussian driven control sequence.
new_modulated_gaussian_controlGenerate a Gaussian driven control sequence modulated by a sinusoidal signal at a specific frequency.
new_drag_controlGenerates a Gaussian driven control sequence with a first-order DRAG (Derivative Removal by Adiabatic Gate) correction applied.
new_primitive_controlCreates a primitive (square) driven control.
new_scrofulous_controlCreates a short composite rotation for undoing length over and under shoot (SCROFULOUS) driven control.
new_sk1_controlCreates a first order Solovay-Kitaev (SK1) driven control.
new_wamf1_controlCreates a first-order Walsh amplitude-modulated filter (WAMF1) driven control.
new_carr_purcell_sequenceCreates the Carr-Purcell sequence.
new_cpmg_sequenceCreates the Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill sequence.
new_periodic_sequenceCreates the periodic sequence.
new_quadratic_sequenceCreates the quadratic sequence.
new_ramsey_sequenceCreates the Ramsey sequence.
new_spin_echo_sequenceCreates the spin echo sequence.
new_uhrig_sequenceCreates the Uhrig sequence.
new_walsh_sequenceCreates the Walsh sequence.
new_x_concatenated_sequenceCreates the $X$-concatenated sequence.
new_xy_concatenated_sequenceCreates the $XY$-concatenated sequence.

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