Q-CTRL Open Controls can be installed through pip or from source. We recommend the pip distribution to get the most recent stable release. If you want the latest features then install from source.


To use Q-CTRL Open Controls you will need an installation of Python. We recommend using the Anaconda distribution of Python. Anaconda includes standard numerical and scientific Python packages which are optimally compiled for your machine. Follow the Anaconda Installation instructions and consult the Anaconda User guide to get started.

We use interactive jupyter notebooks for our usage examples. The Anaconda python distribution comes with editors for these files, or you can install the jupyter notebook editor on its own.

From PyPi

Use pip to install the latest version of the Q-CTRL Open Controls Python package.

pip install qctrl-open-controls

From Source

The source code is hosted on GitHub. The repository can be cloned using

git clone

Once the clone is complete, you have two options:

  1. Using Poetry

    Follow the instructions from the Poetry documentation to install Poetry.

    After you have installed Poetry, use:

    cd open-controls
    poetry install
  2. Using pip

    cd open-controls
    poetry export --dev -f requirements.txt --output requirements.txt --without-hashes
    pip install -r requirements.txt
    pip install -e .
    rm requirements.txt

Once installed via one of the above methods, test your installation by running pytest in the open-controls directory.


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