Q-CTRL Visualizer

QCTRL_DIVERGENT_COLORMAPA divergent color map in the Q-CTRL style.
QCTRL_SEQUENTIAL_COLORMAPA sequential color map in the Q-CTRL style.
QCTRL_STYLE_COLORSA list of colors defined in the Q-CTRL style.
confidence_ellipse_matrixCalculate a matrix that you can use to represent the confidence region of parameters that you estimated.
display_bloch_sphereDisplay a trajectory on the Bloch sphere using state vectors as input.
display_bloch_sphere_from_bloch_vectorsDisplay a Bloch sphere with an animation of the Bloch vectors.
display_bloch_sphere_from_density_matricesDisplay a trajectory in the Bloch sphere from input density matrices.
get_qctrl_styleReturn a dictionary representing the Q-CTRL styling in Matplotlib format.
plot_confidence_ellipsesCreate an array of confidence ellipse plots.
plot_controlsCreate a plot of the specified controls.
plot_cost_historiesCreate a plot of the cost against iterations for either a single cost history or a set of cost histories.
plot_density_matrixCreate a heatmap with the absolute values of a density matrix's elements.
plot_filter_functionsCreate a plot of the specified filter functions.
plot_population_dynamicsCreate a plot of the dynamics of the specified populations.
plot_population_distributionsCreate a bar graph of the given population distributions.
plot_bitstring_probabilities_histogramCreate a histogram of the specified counts.
plot_sequencesCreate a plot of dynamical decoupling sequences.
plot_wigner_functionCreate a contour plot of the specified Wigner function.

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