fireopal.solve_qaoa(problem, credentials, problem_type=None, backend_name=None)

Solve a QAOA problem.


  • problem (Expr or nx.Graph) – The QAOA problem definition, represented as either an nx.Graph or sympy.Expr.
  • credentials (Credentials) – The credentials for running circuits on an IBM backend. Use the make_credentials_for_ibmq function from the credentials module to generate properly formatted credentials.
  • problem_type (str , optional) – The class of QAOA problem to solve. Required for graph problem definitions, which currently only includes support for “maxcut”.
  • backend_name (str , optional) – The backend device that should be used to run circuits. Defaults to None.


FireOpalJob – A job object containing results and warnings from the execution. The results have the following keys: final_aggregate_cost (float) final_bitstring_distribution (dict[str, int]) solution_bitstring (str) iteration_count (int)

Return type


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