class boulderopal.superconducting.RealOptimizableSignal(count, min, max)

A real-valued optimizable time-dependent piecewise-constant coefficient for a Hamiltonian term. The main function will try to find the optimal value for this signal at each segment.


  • count (int) – The number of segments in the piecewise-constant signal.
  • min (float) – The minimum value that the signal can take at each segment.
  • max (float) – The maximum value that the signal can take at each segment.


boulderopal.superconducting.ComplexOptimizableConstant : Class describing complex optimizable constant coefficient.

boulderopal.superconducting.ComplexOptimizableSignal : Class describing complex optimizable piecewise-constant coefficients.

boulderopal.superconducting.RealOptimizableConstant : Class describing real optimizable constant coefficients.

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