class boulderopal.noise_reconstruction.FilterFunction(frequencies, inverse_powers, uncertainties=None)

A class to store information about the controls applied in the noise reconstruction process, in the form of filter functions.

The filter function specifies how sensitive a set of controls is to a specific noise, at a certain frequency. Filter functions can be calculated using the execute_graph function together with the graph.filter_function operator. The output of that operation can then be passed directly to this function.


  • frequencies (np.ndarray) – A 1D array of the frequencies where the filter function is sampled. The frequencies must be provided in ascending order.
  • inverse_powers (np.ndarray) – A 1D arrays of the values of the filter function at the frequencies where it is sampled. Must have the same length as frequencies, and all its values must be greater or equal to zero.
  • uncertainties (np.ndarray or None , optional) – The uncertainties associated with each sampled point of the filter function. These values are not used for noise reconstruction.

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