class boulderopal.ions.ComplexOptimizableDrive(count, maximum_rabi_rate, addressing, name='drive')

A piecewise-constant complex-valued optimizable drive. The main function will try to find the optimal values for it.


  • count (int) – The number of segments in the piecewise-constant drive.
  • maximum_rabi_rate (float) – The maximum value that the modulus of the drive can take at each segment, in units of rad/s.
  • addressing (int or tuple [ int , ... ]) – The indices of the ions addressed by the drive.
  • name (str , optional) – The identifier of the drive. Defaults to “drive”.


boulderopal.ions.Drive : Class describing non-optimizable drives.

boulderopal.ions.RealOptimizableDrive : Class describing optimizable real-valued drives.

boulderopal.ions.ms_optimize : Find optimal pulses to perform Mølmer–Sørensen-type operations on trapped ions systems.

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