Graph.sample_pwc(pwc, sample_times, *, name=None)

Sample a Pwc at the given times.

  • pwc (Pwc) – The Pwc to sample.

  • sample_times (list or tuple or np.ndarray(1D, real)) – The times at which you want to sample the Pwc. Must be ordered, contain at least one element, and lie between 0 and the duration of the Pwc. For a sample time \(t\) the returned value lies in the half open interval \(t_{j-1} < t \leq t_j\), where \(t_j\) indicates the boundary of a segment.

  • name (str or None, optional) – The name of the node.


The values of the Pwc at the given times.

Return type:


See also


Sample an Stf at given times.


For more information on Pwc nodes see the Working with time-dependent functions in Boulder Opal topic.