Graph.multiply(x, y, *, name=None)

Calculate the element-wise product between numbers, np.ndarrays, Tensors, Pwcs, or Stfs. You can also use the arithmetic operator * to calculate their product.

Considering numbers and np.ndarrays as Tensors, if the two objects are of the same type, so is the returned object. If the objects have different types, Pwcs and Stfs can operate with a tensor (returning a Pwc or Stf, respectively).

This operation supports broadcasting between the different objects. When operating a tensor-like object with an Stf or a Pwc, the time dimension of the latter is ignored.


  • x (number or np.ndarray or Tensor or Pwc or Stf) – The left factor, xx
  • y (number or np.ndarray or Tensor or Pwc or Stf) – The right factor, yy
  • name (str or None , optional) – The name of the node. You can only provide a name if neither x nor y are Stfs.


The element-wise product x×yx \times y

Return type

Tensor or Pwc or Stf

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