DrivenControl.export(coordinates='cylindrical', dimensionless_rabi_rate=True)[source]

Returns a dictionary formatted for plotting using the qctrl-visualizer package.

  • coordinates (string, optional) – Indicates whether the Rabi frequency should be plotted in terms of its ‘cylindrical’ or ‘cartesian’ components. Defaults to ‘cylindrical’.

  • dimensionless_rabi_rate (boolean, optional) – If True, normalizes the Rabi rate so that its largest absolute value is 1. Defaults to True.


Dictionary with plot data that can be used by the plot_controls method of the qctrl-visualizer package. It has keywords ‘Rabi rate’ and ‘Detuning’ for ‘cylindrical’ coordinates and ‘X amplitude’, ‘Y amplitude’, and ‘Detuning’ for ‘cartesian’ coordinates.

Return type