Graph.imag(x, *, name=None)

Calculate the element-wise imaginary part of an object. This can be a number, an array, a tensor, or a time-dependent function in the form of a Pwc or an Stf.

  • x (number or np.ndarray or Tensor or Pwc or Stf) – The object whose imaginary part you want to calculate, \(x\). For numbers, arrays, and tensors, the object is converted to a tensor and then the operation is applied. For functions of time (Pwcs and Stfs), the composition of the operation with the function is computed (that is, the operation is applied to the function values).

  • name (str or None, optional) – The name of the node. You can only provide a name if the object is not an Stf.


The element-wise imaginary part, \(\Im(x)\), of the values or function you provided. The returned object is a real object of the same kind as the one you provided, except if you provide a number or an np.ndarray in which case it’s a Tensor.

Return type:

Tensor or Pwc or Stf

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