qctrlopencontrols.new_gaussian_control(rabi_rotation, segment_count, duration, width, name=None)[source]

Generates a Gaussian driven control sequence.

Gaussian driven controls mitigate leakage out of the qubit subspace.

  • rabi_rotation (float) – Total Rabi rotation \(\theta\) to be performed by the driven control.

  • segment_count (int) – Number of segments in the control sequence.

  • duration (float) – Total duration \(t_g\) of the control sequence.

  • width (float) – Width (standard deviation) \(\sigma\) of the ideal Gaussian pulse.

  • name (str, optional) – An optional string to name the control. Defaults to None.


A control sequence as an instance of DrivenControl.

Return type



A Gaussian driven control 1 consists of a piecewise constant approximation to an ideal Gaussian pulse:

\[\mathcal{E}_G (t) = A \exp \left[- \frac{(t - t_g/2)^2}{2\sigma^2}\right] - B\]

where the two additional parameters \(A, B\) chosen such that \(\int_{0}^{t_g} \mathcal{E}_G \,dt = \theta\) and \(\mathcal{E}_G(0) = 0\).

Relative values of segments are determined by sampling the ideal Gaussian at the midpoints of the segments.



Motzoi, F. et al. Physical Review Letters 103, 110501 (2009)