How to mute status messages during calculations

Change the verbosity of the messaging

When running calculations on Boulder Opal, the Qctrl object informs you of their status by printing messages. These display for instance, whether a task has started or completed, and include a unique action ID you can use to identify and manage the calculation.

In this user guide we demonstrate how to change this behavior and mute these messages.

Selecting the message verbosity

Choosing the display behavior during authentication

You can use the verbosity parameter when instantiating a Qctrl object to choose how you want to be notified of the progress of your tasks.

By default (not passing a verbosity, equivalent to setting verbosity="VERBOSE") messsages and progress bars will be displayed during calculations. Alternatively, you can mute them by passing verbosity="QUIET" to the Qctrl object constructor.

def run_calculation():
    Run a simple π-pulse simulation and print the resulting infidelity.

    graph = qctrl.create_graph()
    amplitude = np.pi * 1e5  # rad/s
    duration = 5e-6  # s
    pi_pulse = graph.constant_pwc(amplitude, duration)
    infidelity = graph.infidelity_pwc(
        hamiltonian=pi_pulse * graph.pauli_matrix("X"),"X")),

    result = qctrl.functions.calculate_graph(
        graph=graph, output_node_names=["infidelity"]
    print(f"Infidelity: {result.output['infidelity']['value']:.3e}")

    return result

import numpy as np
from qctrl import Qctrl

# Start a Boulder Opal session, muting messages.
qctrl = Qctrl(verbosity="QUIET")

# Run simple calculation.
result = run_calculation()
Infidelity: 4.441e-16

Changing the display behavior

During your session with the API, you can turn messages and progress bars on again using the qctrl.set_verbosity method with the "VERBOSE" tag:

# Turning on output messages.

result = run_calculation()
Your task calculate_graph (action_id="1605133") has completed.
Infidelity: 4.441e-16

Similarly, you can turn them off with the "QUIET" tag.

# Turning off output messages.

result = run_calculation()
Infidelity: 4.441e-16

Retrieving action IDs

Note that by muting the messages for calculations, their corresponding action IDs will not be displayed. These are useful in case you want to retrieve the calculation results at a later time, see this user guide for more details. In that case, you can still retrieve the action ID by consulting the Boulder Opal web app, or from the Result object of the calculation.

print("Action ID of the previous calculation:", result.action_id)
Action ID of the previous calculation: 1605134

This notebook was run using the following package versions. It should also be compatible with newer versions of the Q-CTRL Python package.


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