Q-CTRL on IBM Quantum services overview

An introduction to the capabilities and benefits of Q-CTRL on IBM Quantum services

Q-CTRL Embedded is an automated performance management option offered within Qiskit Runtime for IBM Cloud. By selecting this option, you can automatically apply AI-driven error suppression to your algorithms to improve circuit execution.

Get the right answer, right now

Q-CTRL's performance management applies error suppression and noise mitigation techniques demonstrated to improve performance by up to 9,000x. The performance improvements have been validated across several different algorithms, both deterministic and variational.

Typically, running a circuit with Q-CTRL performance management will improve results compared to executing without, but you can also learn how much benefit to expect and how to maximize improvement obtained by Q-CTRL Embedded.

Deploy with ease

Implementing error suppression using common development frameworks requires deep technical understanding and specialized configuration for each type of hardware and algorihtm. Q-CTRL eliminates this burden by automatically optimizing for all circuits and devices with a single setting. No further configuration is required.

Simply create a new Qiskit Runtime instance with Q-CTRL selected as the "Performance management strategy". Once you initialize your Qiskit Runtime Service with channel_strategy="q-ctrl", Q-CTRL will optimize and run every circuit, returning improved results.

The Get started guide provides an example of how to apply performance management to a Bernstein–Vazirani algorithm.

Save time and resources

By improving the accuracy of execution, Q-CTRL Embedded reduces the number of iterations required to achieve the correct answer with a high level of confidence. Each answer returned is of higher quality, meaning simple averaging allows you to improve the confidence level of your result. And because the error is reduced directly in execution, expensive post-processing techniques like error mitigation are less necessary.

The following graph shows the results of executing a 10-qubit quantum Fourier transform circuit with Q-CTRL’s Embedded performance management compared to the default Qiskit Runtime settings. Using Q-CTRL's performance management, you can achieve 99% confidence in your answer within just 30 shots, compared to 170,000 shots using Qiskit Runtime's default performance management options (optimization_level=3, resilience_level=1).

Achieve more faster.png-1

Since shots are correlated with quantum processing time, which is factored into Qiskit Runtime seconds, Q-CTRL's performance management can help you save on compute resources.

Try out Q-CTRL's performance management on IBM Quantum services by creating and configuring a new Qiskit Runtime instance.

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