Using Fire Opal via the Wolfram Quantum Framework

Streamlining quantum computation via the Wolfram Quantum Framework

Wolfram provides the ultimate computation platform with high-level representation to simplify complex concepts in fields like math, biology, and even quantum computing. Wolfram Language's symbolic expressions provide an extremely general way of representing data within a uniform structure, which makes it easy to perform powerful operations with minimal programming.

The Wolfram Quantum Framework streamlines the development of quantum circuits using symbolic representation of quantum gates, quantum operators, and measurement operators to compose quantum algorithms. The framework also allows you to easily perform symbolic calculations involving a wide range of quantum entities and processes, such as quantum states, operators, and unitary transformations.

After developing a circuit, it’s easy to submit the circuit to a quantum computer and apply Fire Opal’s error suppression technology to dramatically improve the quality of execution. Simply specify "FireOpal"->True when executing your circuit, and you’ll get all of the benefits of Fire Opal’s AI-driven hardware optimization pipeline. After running your circuit, you can verify the improved performance by using Wolfram’s rich visualization tools to see just how much Fire Opal improves the quality of your algorithms.

Download or copy the tutorial notebook to try using Fire Opal with Wolfram.

Note that you will need to sign up for a Fire Opal account and use your Q-CTRL API key to authenticate for Fire Opal access.

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