Using Fire Opal via the qBraid platform

Optimizing hardware execution through Fire Opal directly within the qBraid platform

Fire Opal can be used to improve reduce errors on hardware and boost algorithmic success through the qBraid platform.

The qBraid platform makes it simple to get started with quantum development by providing a web-based IDE interface (qBraid Lab) to manage development environments and a Python toolkit (qBraid SDK) to unify various development frameworks.

qBraid Lab allows you to deploy environments with common quantum computing software tools, such as Fire Opal, using a simple graphical user interface. You can develop algorithms using your algorithm using the qBraid SDK, which offers a single interface that wraps frontend programs, such as Qiskit, Amazon Braket, and Cirq, into a consistent programming experience. Then, you can submit the circuit to Fire Opal, which will automatically reduce the effects of errors that corrupt quantum outputs, improving the quality of results by thousands of times.

Simplify your development to hardware-optimized execution workflow by installing the Fire Opal environment on qBraid Lab.

Note: This integration is in beta, meaning you will still need to sign up for a Fire Opal account and use your Q-CTRL API key to authenticate for Fire Opal access. This requirement will be removed in a future update.

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