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Introduction to the essential Boulder Opal features with hands-on exercises

Superconducting systems

Simulate and optimize superconducting system dynamics

Engineering and simulating gates in superconducting transmon-cavity systems

Trapped ions

Optimize Mølmer–Sørensen gates for trapped ions

Creating optimal operations with the trapped ions toolkit

Simulate quantum dynamics

Simulate the dynamics of a single qubit using graphs

Simulate and visualize quantum system dynamics in Boulder Opal

Design error-robust controls

Design robust single-qubit gates using computational graphs

Generate and test robust controls in Boulder Opal

Calculate with graphs

Get familiar with graphs

Understand Boulder Opal graphs and nodes by smoothing a piecewise-constant pulse

Automate hardware with AI

Find optimal pulses with automated optimization

Use closed-loop optimization without a complete system model

Characterize hardware

Estimate parameters of a single-qubit Hamiltonian

Performing system identification with Boulder Opal