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Boulder Opal 20.1.1

February 10, 2023

What's new

  • We've deprecated the plot_smooth_controls and plot_cost_history functions in the Q-CTRL Visualizer, and they will be removed in the future. Please use plot_controls and plot_cost_histories instead.
  • We've added a population_size parameter to the CMA-ES optimizer. You can use this to tweak the search behavior of the optimization.
  • We've added the following to the documentation:

Boulder Opal 20.1.0

January 19, 2023

What's new

  • The Q-CTRL Python package now supports Python 3.11. Note that we will soon remove support for Python 3.7 since it will reach its end-of-life status on June 26th, 2023.
  • When using the closed-loop optimization function, you can now cancel the calculation with a KeyboardInterrupt. The optimization will stop and return the best results obtained thus far. You can throw a KeyboardInterrupt by pressing control+C when running a Python script, or interrupting the kernel when running a Jupyter notebook.
  • We've added an application note on designing robust Rydberg blockade two-qubit gates in cold atoms.

Boulder Opal 20.0.2

January 3, 2023

What's new

  • You can now pass list or tuple input for sample_times in graph nodes such as time_evolution_operators_pwc, state_evolution_pwc or sample_stf, simplifying the syntax for these operations when only a single sample is required.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error where graph.state_evolution_pwc would fail when using an int krylov_subspace_dimension in eager graph execution mode.

Boulder Opal 20.0.1

December 21, 2022

What's new

  • Upgraded gql package version to 8.1.0.

Boulder Opal 20.0.0

December 20, 2022

Breaking changes

  • We've removed the optional initial_covariance parameter from the CMA-ES closed-loop optimizer.
  • We've removed the action-export and action-input-export commands from the CLI tool.

What's new

  • We've deprecated the rng_seed parameter of the closed-loop optimizer initializer types in favor of a seed parameter. The new parameter has the same behavior as the deprecated one. The deprecated parameter will be removed in the future.

Boulder Opal 19.7.3

December 9, 2022

Bug fixes

  • We've fixed some broken links in the reference documentation.

Boulder Opal 19.7.2

December 8, 2022

What's new

Boulder Opal 19.7.1

November 22, 2022

Bug fix

  • We've updated the qctrl-toolkit version to fix an import error.

Boulder Opal 19.7.0

November 18, 2022

What's new

  • We've built a new graph-based gradient-free optimization function. It provides an alternative to gradient-based optimization when the gradient is inaccessible or very costly to compute.
  • We've added three new graph operations:
  • The Q-CTRL Visualizer function plot_filter_functions now also accepts filter functions as exported from graph calculations.

Boulder Opal 19.6.2

October 27, 2022

What's new

  • Upgraded gql package version to 3.4.0.