class Result(*, samples=None, action=None, errors=None)

The result of the quasi-static scan. It includes the final infidelity \(\mathcal{I}(\tau)\) for every possible combination of the noise amplitudes \(\beta_{\mu}\).

  • samples (List[qctrl.dynamic.types.quasi_static_scan.Sample], optional) – The list of objects containing the infidelities \(\mathcal{I}(\tau)\) and the noise values \(\beta_{\mu}\) for each of the sampled points of the scan. This list contains one entry for each of all the possible combinations of noise values. Therefore, its length is the product of the lengths of the value lists for all the noises that you provided. The function constructs this list by varying the values of the last noise, and then the values of the second to last noise, until all the possibilities are covered. For example, if you provide two noises with ten values each, the entry with the fourth value of the first noise and the sixth value of the second noise is the 36th entry in the list, if you start counting from one.

  • action (qctrl.dynamic.types.CoreAction, optional) – Metadata about the execution of the function.

  • errors (List[qctrl.dynamic.types.Error], optional) – Related validation errors.