class Measurement(*, infidelity, infidelity_uncertainty=None, filter_functions)

A measurement taken as part of a noise reconstruction. Each measurement consists of running some controls on the system, and measuring the resulting infidelity (possibly many times, in order to account for random fluctuations in system behavior). The controls are characterized via their filter functions.

  • infidelity (float) – The measured operational infidelity.

  • infidelity_uncertainty (float, optional) – The uncertainty in the measured operational infidelity. Omit this parameter if you don’t know the uncertainty. If all measurements have uncertainties, the function calculates uncertainties for the estimated power spectral densities.

  • filter_functions (List[qctrl.dynamic.types.noise_reconstruction.FilterFunction]) – The filter functions describing the controls used for this measurement. There must be one filter function for each noise (in the same order as the list of noises from the top-level noise reconstruction input, if you provided that list). Each such filter function describes the sensitivity of the system to the corresponding noise, when driven by the appropriate controls.