class Control(*, duration, values, repetition_count=1)

Description of a control pulse. A control pulse consists of a duration \(\tau\) and a list of \(N\) complex values \(\{\gamma_n\}\) (for \(1\leq n\leq N\)), representing a piecewise-constant function of time \(\gamma(t)\). The function is defined by \(\gamma(t)=\gamma_{n}\) for \(\tau(n-1) / N \leq t < \tau n / N\).

  • duration (float) – The total duration \(\tau\) of the pulse in nanoseconds. Must be positive and at most 300.

  • values (ndarray) – The per-segment values \(\{\gamma_n\}\) of the control, as a 1D array. You must provide at least one value and at most 256 values. Each value must have norm at most 1.

  • repetition_count (int, optional) – The number of repetitions of the control to apply. If you pass a value greater than 1, the same control pulse (with duration \(\tau\) and segment values \(\{\gamma_n\}\)) is applied this number of times, one after the other. The value must be between 1 and 64. Defaults to 1.