class NoiseRealization(*, name=None, segments=None)

A single random realization of a noise amplitude \(\beta_{\mu}(t)\) as a piecewise-constant function between 0 and \(\tau\).

  • name (str, optional) – The name of the noise.

  • segments (List[qctrl.dynamic.types.colored_noise_simulation.NoiseRealizationSegment], optional) – The list of \(N_\mathrm{segments}^{(\beta_{\mu})}\) segments, pairs of a duration and a value \(\{(\delta t_{\beta_{\mu}}, \beta_{\mu,n})\}\), that define the piecewise-constant noise amplitude \(\beta_{\mu}(t)\) between 0 and \(\tau\). This means that \(\beta_{\mu}(t) = \beta_{\mu,n}\) for \((n-1) \delta t_{\beta_{\mu}} \leq t < n \delta t_{\beta_{\mu}}\), where the duration of all segments is \(\delta t_{\beta_{\mu}} = \tau / N_\mathrm{segments}^{(\beta_{\mu})}\).