class Task(*, core_reference=None, dependants=None, dependencies=None, finished_at=None, finished_state=None, id=None, name=None, queue=None, started_at=None)

A single part of the execution of an Action.

  • core_reference (str, optional) – Reference to any core function used.

  • dependants (List[str], optional) – IDs of tasks which require this task to complete.

  • dependencies (List[str], optional) – IDs of tasks which must be completed before this task.

  • finished_at (datetime.datetime, optional) – When the task finished.

  • finished_state (str, optional) – The state of the task at completion time.

  • id (str, optional) – Unique task ID.

  • name (str, optional) – Task name.

  • queue (str, optional) – The queue that the task was executed on.

  • started_at (datetime.datetime, optional) – When the task started.