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class CavityCavityInteraction(cavity_names, cross_kerr_coefficient)

Class that stores all the physical system data for the interaction between two cavities.

  • cavity_names (tuple[str, str]) – The two names identifying the cavities in the interaction.

  • cross_kerr_coefficient (real or np.ndarray or RealOptimizableSignal or RealOptimizableConstant) – The cross-Kerr coefficient between the two cavities, \(K_{12}\). If not provided, it defaults to no cross-Kerr term.

See also


Class describing cavities in superconducting systems.


The Hamiltonian for the interaction is defined as

\[H_\mathrm{cavity-cavity} = K_{12} a_1^\dagger a_1 a_2^\dagger a_2 .\]