CalibrationGraph.visualize(font_size=12, arrow_linewidth=5, arrowheads_size=20, figure_size=None)

Create a visualization of the CalibrationGraph as a directed graph, where each edge is an arrow between exactly two nodes.


  • font_size (int or float , optional) – The font size of the node labels. Defaults to 12.
  • arrow_linewidth (int or float , optional) – The linewidth of the edges between the nodes. Defaults to 5.
  • arrowheads_size (int or float , optional) – The size of the arrowheads of the edges between the nodes. Defaults to 20.
  • figure_size (list [ int or float ] , optional) – A list of length 2 defining the size of the matplotlib figure, in which the graph is plotted (in inches). The first entry denotes the figure width and the second entry denotes the figure height. If not passes, the figure size is computed automatically.

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