Creates a predefined graph for the amplitude calibration of Gaussian π\pi and π/2\pi/2

This calibration graph contains three nodes. The root node is a coarse amplitude calibration that updates the value of the amplitudes of both the π\pi and the π/2\pi/2 pulses. The subsequent nodes use these two values of the coarse calibration of the amplitudes for the fine calibration of each of the amplitudes individually. As the experiment for pi pulse calibration uses a π/2\pi/2 pulse, the fine π/2\pi/2

The two variables stored in this node are the amplitude for each of the Gaussian pulses. They’re stored in units of the maximum Rabi frequency of the system, and thus restricted to the interval between 0 and 1.


backend (AmplitudeCalibrationBackend) – The backend where the calibration will be performed. It can be a an interface with external hardware or a simulator.


A graph for amplitude calibration.

Return type


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