SimulationAmplitudeCalibrationBackend.pi_2_pulse_experiment(amplitude, drag, repetition_count, shot_count=None)

Run a simulation of a series of Gaussian π/2\pi/2 pulses applied to a qubit initially in state 0|0\rangle


  • amplitude (np.ndarray) – Value of amplitudes of the pi pulse. Must be a 1D array.
  • drag (np.ndarray) – Value of the DRAG parameter of the pi pulse. Must be a 1D array that is broadcastable with the amplitude.
  • repetition_count (int) – The number of times the π/2\pi/2
  • shot_count (int or None , optional) – The number of shots of each experiment. If not provided, defaults to the default number of shots of the backend.


The fraction of times the experiments measured a qubit in 1|1\rangle

Return type


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