class qctrl.dynamic.types.CoreAction(*, created_at=None, definition=None, errors=None, job_data=None, job_id=None, model_id=None, model_type=None, mutation_name=None, name=None, progress=None, result=None, runtime=None, started_at=None, status=None, terminated_at=None, updated_at=None, user=None)

Metadata about the execution of a core function.

  • created_at (datetime.datetime) – The time the action was created at.

  • definition (dict) – The definition (input) of the calculation to be executed.

  • errors (qctrl.dynamic.types.ActionError) – The details of errors on the action if any occurs.

  • job_data (qctrl.dynamic.types.JobData) – The job data dictionary.

  • job_id (str) – The identifier for the remote task.

  • model_id (str) – The id of the action in the database.

  • model_type (qctrl.dynamic.types.ActionTypeEnum) – The type of action.

  • mutation_name (str) – The name of the mutation.

  • name (str) – The name of the action.

  • progress (float) – The progress of the task.

  • result (dict) – The result of the calculation.

  • runtime (float) – The amount of time spent calculating the action.

  • started_at (datetime.datetime) – The time the action was started at.

  • status (qctrl.dynamic.types.ActionStatusEnum) – The status of the job associated with the action.

  • terminated_at (datetime.datetime) – The time the action was terminated at.

  • updated_at (datetime.datetime) – The time the action was last update at.

  • user (qctrl.dynamic.types.User) – The user associated with this action.