static OperationNamespace.bounded_optimization_variable(count, lower_bound, upper_bound, *, name=None)

Creates bounded optimization variables.

Use this function to create a sequence of variables that can be tuned by the optimizer (within specified bounds) in order to minimize the cost function.

  • count (int) – The number \(N\) of individual real-valued variables to create.

  • lower_bound (float) – The lower bound \(v_\mathrm{min}\) on the variables. The same lower bound applies to all count individual variables.

  • upper_bound (float) – The upper bound \(v_\mathrm{max}\) individual variables.

  • name (str, optional) – The name of the node.


The sequence \(\{v_n\}\) of \(N\) bounded optimization variables, satisfying \(v_\mathrm{min}\leq v_n\leq v_\mathrm{max}\).

Return type