qctrlopencontrols.new_modulated_gaussian_control(maximum_rabi_rate: float, minimum_segment_duration: float, duration: float, modulation_frequency: float) → qctrlopencontrols.driven_controls.driven_control.DrivenControl[source]

Generate a Gaussian driven control sequence modulated by a sinusoidal signal at a specific frequency.

The net effect of this control sequence is an identity gate.

  • maximum_rabi_rate (float) – Maximum Rabi rate of the system.

  • minimum_segment_duration (float) – Minimum length of each segment in the control sequence.

  • duration (float) – Total duration of the control sequence.

  • modulation_frequency (float) – Frequency of the modulation sinusoidal signal.


A control sequence as an instance of DrivenControl.

Return type