class qctrl.dynamic.types.User(*, accepted_terms_at=None, active_app=None, browsing_theme=None, email_confirmed_at=None, expertise=None, first_name=None, id=None, last_name=None, organization=None, role=None, user_groups=None, username=None)

Defines a User.

  • accepted_terms_at (datetime.datetime, optional) – The datetime when the user accepted the current terms.

  • active_app (qctrl.dynamic.types.ActiveAppEnum, optional) – The active app being used from the UI.

  • browsing_theme (qctrl.dynamic.types.BrowsingThemeEnum, optional) – The theme used for web browsing.

  • email_confirmed_at (datetime.datetime, optional) – The datetime when the user confirmed his email.

  • expertise (qctrl.dynamic.types.UserExpertiseEnum, optional) – User’s expertise.

  • first_name (str, optional) – User’s first name.

  • id (int, optional) – Unique ID for user.

  • last_name (str, optional) – User’s last name.

  • organization (str, optional) – The organization this user belongs to.

  • role (str, optional) – User’s role.

  • user_groups (List[str], optional) – The groups the user belongs to.

  • username (str, optional) – User’s username.