qctrlqua.add_pulse_to_config(pulse_name: str, channel_name: str, i_signal: Union[List[float], numpy.ndarray], q_signal: Union[List[float], numpy.ndarray], config: Dict)Dict

Adds a pulse to the QUA config.

  • pulse_name (str) – Name of the pulse.

  • channel_name (str) – Name of the channel, typically corresponding to a specific carrier frequency.

  • i_signal (list or ndarray) – Contains I quadrature of the pulse at 1ns sampling rate

  • q_signal (list or ndarray) – Contains Q quadrature of the pulse at 1ns sampling rate

  • config (dict) – The main config that contains all parameters of the Operator-X (OPX).


Updated config dictionary with the new pulses included.

Return type



ValueError – If the maximum amplitude of I or Q of any pulse is more than 0.49.