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Application notes

See how we have applied Boulder Opal to solve major challenges in the field

Superconducting quantum computing

Designing noise-robust single-qubit gates for IBM Qiskit
Increasing robustness against dephasing and control noise using Boulder Opal pulses
Performing model-based robust optimization for the cross-resonance gate
Increasing robustness against crosstalk in a two-qubit entangling operation
Demonstrating SU(3) gates on superconducting hardware
Hamiltonian-agnostic rapid tune-up of an arbitrary unitary on a qutrit
Designing fast optimal SNAP gates in superconducting resonators
Engineering fast, leakage-free gates in superconducting cavity-qubit systems
Performing optimal Fock state generation in superconducting resonators
Engineering fast cavity state generation in superconducting cavity-qubit systems
Improving readout performance in superconducting qubits using machine learning
Using Boulder Opal discriminators and optimized measurement parameters to boost readout performance
Designing error-robust digital SFQ controls for superconducting qubits
Generating single flux quantum gates robust to leakage and frequency drift

Atomic quantum computing

Designing robust, configurable, parallel gates for large trapped-ion arrays
Obtaining control solutions for parallel and specifiable multi-qubit gates using Boulder Opal pulses
Designing robust Mølmer–Sørensen gates with parametric trap drive amplification
Obtaining control solutions for two-qubit gates with modulation of the confining potential
Generating highly-entangled states in large Rydberg-atom arrays
Generating high-fidelity GHZ states using Boulder Opal pulses

Quantum sensing

Performing narrow-band magnetic-field spectroscopy with NV centers
Using Boulder Opal spectrum reconstruction tools to perform provably optimal leakage-free sensing with spectrally concentrated Slepian pulses
Boosting signal-to-noise by 10X in cold-atom sensors using robust control
Using Boulder Opal robust Raman pulses to boost fringe contrast in tight-SWAP cold atom interferometers by an order of magnitude